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Qualified Professionals

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We have a wide range of expertise and experience within our team. This means we can provide training and support designed to meet the varied needs of individuals, groups and organisations.


Coaching, an increasingly popular approach to the development of skills and capability and which is able to meet a wide variety of needs, can be provided face-to-face in different locations including home and at work, and can also be delivered using telephone and digital media.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We offer specific support for families of children who have Special Educational Needs. In this we advise on strategies for the family to help them deal with the individual needs for the child, as well as providing advice on how to seek provision at school, including Meetings, IEPs, Reviews and Tribunals.

We support families and individuals who need information and understanding of how to interpret the profile of abilities, needs and conditions indicated in assessment and diagnostic reports.

Training Courses & Seminars

We have a programme of tried and trusted courses and seminars which we are offering in different locations. We can also develop and deliver tailored courses to suit your exact requirements

Resources Available

We have expert knowledge of many of the resources and approaches available to help meet individual needs, including teaching and therapeutic programmes and the use of ICT (computer) software and hardware and other assistive technologies.

Consultancy Service

We are also able to provide consultancy services for a wide range of situations, needs and activities.

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