Implementing Technological/ICT Solutions

Our team has many years of active involvement in the development and implementation of ICT solutions to meet individual needs. We share with our colleagues at Special Needs Computing and other suppliers and developers, extensive knowledge and experience of how computer-based resources can change the lives of learners and disabled people.

Access To Technological/ICT Solutions

Individuals with disabilities, including specific learning difficulties, can be helped through improved access using appropriate ICT resources. For example, to help those who have physical or sensory disabilities, text can be converted to give audio output or vice versa, and text and graphics can be displayed more effectively and at different sizes for those with visual impairments. ICT can also provide multi-sensory stimulus for those with learning difficulties, as well as offering a clutter-free and judgment-free, accessible and motivating learning environment.

Developing Technological/ICT Resources

Our organisation has a special interest in developments in this area and we have helped develop many software and hardware resources, including a wide range of educational and supportive software and information management software for Individual Education Plans and for clinical audit which are now marketed internationally. We are particularly interested in identifying cost-effective, quality ICT support for those with special needs and are involved in training and educating users and providers in how to source, develop and apply such solutions.