Coming Events

Professional Memberships

With memberships of the National Children's Bureau (NCB), National Association of Advisors for Computers in Education (NAACE), National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN), Dyspraxia and NeuroDiversity Association (DANDA), Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice (AChIPPP), the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH), British Psychological Society (BPsS), British Computer Society (BCS) and the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP), we are regular attendees at local and national events, and often have our own stand at exhibitions. We will include here a list of coming events where you can meet some of our team and view some of our resources, publications and literature in the near future.

Events, Shows & Exhibitions

If you are organising an event, please do not hesitate to let us know if we can be of help. We will list relevant events here and we will do our best to attend. We are particularly interested in knowing about events directly relevant to our team of professionals, our clients and people who have special needs and disabilities and which are concerned with research, information, support and resources, including uses of computers and assistive technologies for those who have special needs.