Bespoke Courses

Flexible Approach

We have many ready-to-use courses, lectures and presentations. However, these are not appropriate for all clients or for use in all situations. We can develop bespoke courses which are based on sound psychological and educational theory and practice, and which are perfectly adapted for the client's needs. Our aim is to help the client develop skills, overcome obstacles and help them and their staff fulfill their potential.

Client-Focused Development

The development of bespoke courses will involve in-depth discussion with the clients in order to ensure that we understand and agree the aims and goals of the course, the criteria which will indicate success and how we will ensure longer-term validity. Where possible we will ensure that the client can disseminate and maintain the learning.

Monitoring, feedback and debriefing sessions can be used to adjust the course and to encourage continuous development.

Client Growth & Development

Training can be provided for individuals, groups, businesses, schools and other organisations. We can focus on educating the client or group on specific issues relevant to them and their context including the particular approaches, techniques, information and skills needed for specific tasks, roles and circumstances to meet the client's needs.

Courses can cover: