Special Educational Needs (S.E.N)

Special Educational Needs Assessment

We can help to guide you through the information gathering, assessment and decision-making stages of the Special Educational Need (SEN) investigation process.

We can help you step-by-step as you go through the process of identifying needs and negotiating for additional support. Recording and documenting is a central part of this process so we will guide you as you gather together and present your evidence to the school and local authority.

Progress Reviews

Any plans or programmes we develop will be reviewed regularly and the progress of the client will be assessed in order to decide how to proceed. It is the needs of the client which are foremost, and the abilities of, and limitations facing, the client will always be taken into account. We will finalise the training programme with the full agreement of the client or their representative.

Advice & Support

Once the assessment and decision stages of the SEN process have been completed, we can help by developing a training programme, or a series of programmes, to support the work of schools, therapists and other professionals in dealing with the developmental and behavioural barriers identified. We can provide advice on strategies and techniques to use in implementing these programmes, helping family and carers by providing training on how to implement and monitor progress.