Social, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties

Evaluating Problems

It is not always the case that behaviour difficulties are the primary problem facing an individual. Often the first indication that other difficulties faced are significant is the appearance of social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. The consequences of attempting to cope without support and full information can be frustration at the efforts made without being able to resolve the problems.

Investigating Behaviour

While it is always important to deal with the presenting behaviours so they do not make matters worse, it is usually more important to discover and deal with the underlying difficulties. A careful investigation of the strengths and weaknesses of all participants, of the circumstances, events and environments and of the expectations and pressures involved has to be undertaken. Feeding back this information to the participants is an essential part of the process of resolution and development. This is not always the easy option and rarely can be completed successfully in a short time.

Enabling Progress

We have extensive experience and success both as observers and diagnostics, and as therapists and enablers.