Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities

Ability & Development

Within any population there is considerable variation in its characteristics. Consequently there is variation in what each person can contribute, what they can do, what they need and how they change over time. This is a dangerously controversial area because of some assumptions which have been used to support situations.

Understanding Potential

While we do use our skills to assess our clients' abilities, this has to be within a framework which supports understanding of them and their potential. We believe that the better a person knows themselves and their environment the greater the chance that they will be able to achieve and experience the success and well being we all need.

Educational & Personal Skills

There are two parallel sets of descriptions covering Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities. The former is essentially an educational concept and indicates, within the UK context, a level of need for support and different provision at school. The second is based upon international diagnostic criteria which also look beyond school and college, at need for personal support throughout life.