Statutory Statement/Education, Health & Care Plan Tribunal

Although most children with special educational needs or with disabilities will have their needs met within mainstream schools, in some cases a statutory assessment and statement may be required. This will provide a detailed investigation into their needs and the special help available to benefit the child. Either the school or the parents can request this process if they feel that the child is not making sufficient progress.

Assessment Reviews & Recommendations

We can help in many ways with this type of situation. We can provide advice for the parents, consultations for the schools or Local Authorities involved, and we can provide assessment and guidance for the child where appropriate. A young person over the age of 16 years and up to 25 years may request an assessment for an Education, Health and Care Plan him/herself. Once the assessment is complete we can provide information on the various resources available which will be appropriate, as well as providing advice and guidance for teachers, guardians or parents. We can also monitor the progress for the child and, if necessary, provide recommendations for updating their plan or support programme.

Appealing Tribunal Decisions

In those situations where Local Authorities decide not to issue an EHCP for the child, we can provide support, advice and guidance if requested. We can also provide information regarding the appeals process in these situations.